Experienced Psychic: Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader, Empathic, and Candle Work

My name is Fairy Dust 007

Please allow me a few moments to tell you about myself. I'm a born gifted psychic with many psychic abilities including clairvoyance, tarot reading, empathic, candle work and more.

The first time I learned I was a little different than most I was seven years old. I was attending my best friend Sonya's birthday party. Sonya was turning eight. We were all having the time of our life. All of a sudden Sonya's grandparents walked in. I looked at them both and froze where I stood.I could not believe my eyes. I bolted out the front door and ran home as quick as I could. I ran to my bedroom and my mom could see I was in a panic mode, shakeing and crying. My mom asked me what was wrong. I told her Sonya's grandparents faces were running like wax.She just smiled and said your a born gifted psychic. She explained a little bit to me. It was hard to comprehand at the time.But I found out very quickly when I see peoples faces run like wax that means death. Two weeks later Sonya's grand parents died in a house fire.

I've been working as a psychic for 30 years. I have many customers, clients, friends and strangers who have real problems. That's what I'm here for -- to help people in need. Please contact me to schedule a session.

Many Blessings, Love and Light.

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